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Year end special: Things that remain stubbornly static in 2016

Year end special: Things that remain stubbornly static in 2016

 Hey! What's the date today; I asked one of my colleagues.

December 9, 2016 bro, he firmly responded to my question.

December? I looked at him in anguish and said, so the 2016 is almost over but there are still a plenty of pending things I had planned to do.

He farced at me and said, dude you can't change. 

Well, that was enough for me to get a story idea for you guys. So it's not just me but there a lot of things that did not change at all in our country throughout 2016. So here's a list of things I could spot, you are welcome to share some more in the comments below:

1. Aswach India

You might have hailed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his campaign swachtha abhiyan but we are unlikely to see swachh India in 2016. Despite PM's push India remains the same. The government has put in a considerable progress in building toilets in rural India but we are not putting effort to clean our country. It's high time when we should work together to make India a cleaner and greener country. Our effort is indispensable.

2. Adjournment in the Parliament

The Parliament of India works for 80 days during its sessions for around six hours everyday. So, if we calculate the total annual expenditure on both the houses of the Parliaments. For each minute of running the House costs Rs 2.5 lakh, which means around Rs 9 crore a day. Isn't it a mammoth amount to be spent merely for adjournments?

Well, our MPs have a history of putting obstacles in running the business of houses but they do not realise that the amount they are wasting everyday can do wonders if spent in something else, worthy?. Now the question here is, can we change this even in 2017 or in 2018 or later?

3. Pakistan

Known for violating ceasefire and creating mess, Pakistan has not changed at all. Their government has changed, their country is not progressing but they have not shown any sign of improvement. Pakistan has not changed its stance despite surgical strike by PM Narendra Modi recently; this is another thing which is unlikely to change anytime soon.

4. Pollution in Delhi

If you are a Delhiites, you don't need to visit China for experiencing smog. That's right; we have created our own, Made in India, smog to experiencing. 
On a serious note, pollution in Delhi is a major concern, which needs to be addressed immediately otherwise, things will be worse. Despite government's effort to curb pollution in Delhi, things have not improved.

5. iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you definitely own the best among other smartphones available in the market. At the same time, the company has lost it's USP, which is innovation. After Steve Jobs, every year, company launches its product with full energy without any innovation. Simple upgrades are not modifications. So, this was my list of things that did not change in 2016 and are unlikely to change in the near future, you can add you list in the comments section.

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