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Cast discrimination in a school in Madhya Pradesh

Cast discrimination in a school in  Madhya Pradesh

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 Veeran Ahirwar,a dalit boy when asked for water to quench his thirst was denied to access school hand pump in Madhya pradesh

Five teachers of the primary school, including the principal have been suspended for discrimination on caste grounds. An inquiry has been ordered, said CEO of Janpad panchayat Manish Bagri. The incident took place in in Khamariakalan village in Damoh's Tendukheda tehsil on Tuesday 

Thirsty veeran ahirwar after completion of lunch went to hand pump in the campus to drink water but he was not allowed and was turned back even by teachers as confirmed by sevak,his brother

thirsty Veeran then carried a water bottle and reached the well. He tied the bottle to a rope to fetch water, but lost balance and fell inside and died.

Even on several other occasions he was not allowed to touch hand pump

Earlier, several students had complained to Janpad CEO about discrimination against low-caste students.

Refuting allegations, collector Damoh Shriniwas Sharma said, "For past one week, there has been a water crisis. Villagers also come to fetch water from the school hand pump." On Tuesday, a crowd had gathered at the hand pump and students also joined the queue. When Veeran went to the well, there was a crowd there too. Veeran lost balance and fell into the well, said the collector.

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