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Who will qualify the 2017 Uttar Pradesh poll to win General election in 2019

Who will qualify the 2017 Uttar Pradesh poll to win General election in 2019

The upcoming election in Uttar Pradesh will be a qualifier for general elections in the 2019. The political parties are considering 2017 polls as the semi-finals before the final battle. Consequent, all the parties are trying hard to win in UP but there are certain factors responsible for getting public's mandate. We list a few of the below:


The ban on high currency notes have significantly dent the entire environment in which political parties fight election. The mammoth amount that is spending on polls is going to be getting a major dent. This time, we are likely to have cleaner elections due to scarcity of the amount.

Surgical strike by the government

Recent surgical strike against Pakistan could be a game changer even in the regions that are considered as strong hold for BSP or the SP. People in the country do not care much about caste and creed. There are enough signals that BJP led government will do everything to squeeze out all the benefit it can from the issue.

Internal disruption in Samajwadi Party

This is an open truth that there is some internal disruption among leaders of Samajwadi Party, which will leave no winners, but there will certainly be a loser-the party. Father Mulayam  Singh is not happy because Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav is getting popular with a relatively clean image. While the son wanted to play the development card, father wants to merger with a notorious don-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari's Quami Ekta Dal.

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