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Why there is so much fuss about Jallikattu?

Why there is so much fuss about Jallikattu?

 The Supreme Court of India has strictly banned Jallikattu - it's a bull-taming sport, plays during Pongal in India. The apex court has strictly denied allowing the Jallikatu by rejecting plea seeking permission for the event.

Jallikattu has been played in India for over 2000 years, which was known as 'yeru thaluvudal' - which means hugging the bull. 

Earlier it was a like a swayamwar ceremony to pick a bridegroom - the successful tamer would get to marry the maiden but things changed with time.

How the game is being played 

A natively reared stud is set free inside an arena filled with young participants. The challenge lies in taming the bull with bare hands.

- Ideally, participants try to grab the bull by its horns or tail and wrestle it into submission.


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