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Why Navjot Singh Sidhu's ghar wapsi may bring Congress in a fix?

Why Navjot Singh Sidhu's ghar wapsi may bring Congress in a fix?

There is no doubt that Navjot Singh Sidhu is one man army. He is good enough to take on opposition parties by influencing masses with his eloquent style of speaking. That is the reason why, now an opposition party, Aam Aadmi Party negotiated the cricketer turned politician for long. Another opposition party, BJP also put subtle efforts to bring him to their side despite his paroxysms 

According to his speech, neither could accommodate him because of his ambition and electoral values as they stood in sharp mismatch.

Now the question here is. How will the Congress party be able to utilise his potential. The question still remains unanswered as the party's witty politicians are headed by vacuous young leader.


However, Sidhu is likely to be the lead campaigner for the party during upcoming assembly elections in Punjab.

But it's still a million dollar question if he will be fielded against one of the Badals.

Even if the Congress party manages to win in Punjab, the party would be underutilising Sidhu if his role is kept limited to that of a legislator or a minister in the state. The status that Sidhu holds, make him good enough resource for a national role, specifically he can be a great answer to BJP, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been alluring people mere by using his vocal power.

Addressing the media, Sidhu said his joining the Congress was 'ghar wapasi' and he is a 'born Congressman'.


Now another question comes to everybody's mind, how he has been born in the Congress party when he was with the BJP ever since he turned politician in 2004, he has been associated with the saffron party for nearly a decade.


Was he associated with BJP and taking birth internally in the Congress party all these years?


No one knows that. He is known for his non serious style by remaining absent from his constituency, which was Amritsar, while given more preference to participating in comedy shows.


Despite everything, he remains consistent in his criticism of the ruling dynasty in Punjab by blaming the Badals for not letting him carry on developmental work in his constituency.


Even, while stepping down from Rajya Sabha, he claimed that the BJP has asked him to stay out of Punjab so that he would not be a thorn in the Badals' flesh.


Earlier, he has also he blamed Parkash Singh Badal, Sukhbir Badal and Bikram Majithia for bringing the 'downfall' to the state.


Sidhu has also blamed that the AAP chief minister Arvind Kejriwal wanted to exploit this to their electoral advantage, but the talks with him were not fruitful.


Apparently, he wanted to be the chief ministerial face of the party - a demand to which the AAP was not willing to acquiesce.


Going by this, it will be difficult for the Congress to deal with Sidhu as if he was not conciliating with power in the party, he might not take time to switch. He has enough offers from the rebellion parties.


Probably, this could be a reason for Captain Amarinder Singh, who was not very excited about Sidhu's entry into the party.


Interestingly, his wife, Navjot, is already in the Congress party, who had also quit the BJP earlier.


But what will be Congress' fate and whether Sidhu will stay with the party for long remains an open question. 

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