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‘NYAYA GRAM’ Project of High Court of Allahabad

‘NYAYA GRAM’ Project of High Court of Allahabad
The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, laid the foundation stone of the Nyaya Gram project of the High Court of Allahabad in Allahabad.
Speaking on the occasion, the President said freedom of the judiciary is a cornerstone of our democracy. India’s credibility is enhanced by a fearless and independent judiciary.
The President said that citizens have faith in the judiciary. And yet common people tend to avoid knocking on its door. It is important to change this situation. On all of us lies the responsibility of providing justice on time, making the justice system less expensive, providing judgments in a language understandable to the common citizen, and ensuring justice for women and weaker sections in society.
The President said that it is necessary to strengthen judicial infrastructure. He expressed hope that the Nyaya Gram project would prove to be a milestone in fulfilling the requirements of the Allahabad High Court.

The President said that training of judicial officers is very important to improve the efficiency and quality of the lower courts. He noted that there is a plan to establish a judicial academy on the Nyaya Gram campus. He expressed confidence that this judicial academy will make a significant contribution to the capacity of the lower judiciary in Uttar Pradesh. 

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