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Here are the sense CBFC wants to be d from UDTA PUNJAB movie

Here are the sense CBFC wants to be d from UDTA PUNJAB  movie

 Top filmmakers today attended a press conference to stand with Anurag Kashyap and support the film "Udta Punjab." Openly attacking Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani, who ordered 89 cuts in the film and told the makers to remove all the references of Punjab from the film, directors and cast of the film raised some valid points on censorship!

expletives, references to the state of Punjab, and mentions of elections or politics.

1. Delete sign board of Punjab in the starting.

2. Delete the name of cities like Punjab, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Tarn Taran and more (All reference of Punjab cities in the dialogues/songs, anywhere in the film should be removed)

3. From song no. 1 delete the word ‘Chittave’ and ‘Harami’ everywhere.

4. From song no. 2 delete ‘Tom di cock jevhe chitti chitti cock’ and ‘coke cock’ in the entire song.

5.  Delete Abuses words like- Behenchod, Behenchodo, Bund, Tatte, Gandia, Gandu, Laudu, Haramzadi, Matherchod, chusa hua aam, kutti, maiyove, kudi chode, lulli, gashti from everywhere including background wherever it occurs. Reg. Tommy, Behenchodo, Behenchod before TCR 1.31 allowed and after that all to be deleted.

6. Delete the word ‘election’, ‘MP’, ‘party’, ‘MLA’, ‘Punjab’, ‘Parliament’.

7. Song no:3 Delete the scene of a scratching Sardar.

8. Delete the close-up shots of injecting the drugs wherever it appears.

9. Delete the shot of urinating by Tommy in front of the crowd.

10. Delete the line ‘Jamin Banzar te Aulad Kanjar’.

11. Delete the name of the dog as ‘Jackie Chain’.

12. First disclaimer should be audio/video and to be changed to - “The film focuses on the rising menace of drugs and war against drugs and is an attempt to show ill-effects of drugs on today’s youth and the social fabric. We acknowledge the battle against drugs being fought by the government and the police. But this battle cannot be won unless the people of India unite against the menace.”

13. Second disclaimer of fiction to be increased according to audio/video.

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