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Rajinikanth Political Blockbuster

Rajinikanth Political Blockbuster
Rajinikanth announced his entry to the political field, which has raised a lot of eyebrows in the political circuit. While members of the film fraternity including Kamal Hasan welcomed him with open arms, several political leaders are not happy with his foray into politics.
A few days after announcing his political entry, Rajinikanth launched his website, called the Rajinikanth Rasigar Mandram, where people can register themselves as members of the party.  Celebrating Thalaivar's political entry, ardent fans of Rajinikanth has reportedly planned to sacrifice goats for a feast organized at Alagarkoil in Madurai.
According to a statement released by PETA India, they have been bombarded with calls and emails from people who are upset with this practice. The plan of your fans to kill goats in a temple is cruel and an apparent violation of Indian laws. Goats that are killed usually transported and handled roughly and hacked at with dull knives in full view of their terrified companions.
PETA India also congratulated Rajinikanth decision to launch a political party. The power you already hold can help make a positive difference to the lives of all living beings and we are therefore writing to respectfully request that you use it now to stop the planned slaughter of goats in your name.


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