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A Salesman’s Tips on Buying a New Car

A Salesman’s Tips on Buying a New Car

 Buying a new car can be a dreadful experience for many, not to mention the intimidation you feel when you first step into the showroom. It is natural to feel a little anxious as you are making a huge investment by purchasing a vehicle, but it doesn’t always have to be an awkward encounter for you. Here are some guidelines straight from the first-hand experience of a salesman to help assuage your blues of buying a new car.

1. Right Time: One of the crucial things that affect your purchase is the time you decide to buy a car. It is more favourable if you choose to purchase a car at the end of the month as salesmen are vying to meet their sales target and are more than willing to negotiate. The more cars they sell, the more commission they are likely to earn by the end of the month. Moreover, the last week of the year is also a very auspicious time to purchase a new car, as dealers are anticipating latest stock and hence are keener to do away with old models even if it means selling them at lower prices.


2. Manners matter: If there is one thing you actually require in making a worthy purchase, it is tact. It is more than customary for potential buyers to visit the showroom with a belief that the salespeople simply exist to hoodwink them and will go to any lengths to trick them into buying anything. This is not always the case; the salespeople are more often on your side as their commission depends largely on finalising the deal. So, listen out what they have to offer and give them a chance to enlighten you with their expertise and knowledge. Being on good terms with the salesperson will only work to your advantage and help you get the best deal.

3. Knowledge:  While it is normal to encounter the know-it-all buyers who believe they know better than others, it is not unusual to find those who have no idea what they are looking for. A little bit of exploration concerning the car will not go to waste, as you will be on your guard in making the ideal choice. Make sure you check the ratings of car dealerships to ensure you strike the deal with a reputable dealer. You can also look up some car reviews and compare cars on Dubai Cars to make a well informed decision.

4. Cooperate: The quality of being a good negotiator comes with not pushing your luck too hard and knowing where to draw the line. Try for a deal where you are certain that the dealer would be willing to part with the vehicle at a considerably lower price. Being realistic is indispensable in this situation, as it is impractical to expect the dealer to sell you the car at a loss. Also, instead of rushing things, it is advisable to take your own time in discussing the price. While it is important to stand your ground in the negotiation, it is just as essential to be reasonable and slightly accommodating to have a fair deal.

5. Be Confident: Make sure you know what you are buying and don’t stress yourself into making a hasty decision which you might regret later on. Instead of focusing on any one aspect of the car, look at the bigger picture concerning its comfort, safety, price and your necessity. If you have checked up your insurance rates, taken a test drive and are satisfied with what the car has to offer, go ahead and seal the deal.




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