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Man stages shootout to have wife killed, gets himself shot in the legs to avoid suspicion

Man stages shootout to have wife killed, gets himself shot in the legs to avoid suspicion

 A man in an extra-marital affair in Meerut resorted to hatching an elaborate plan to get rid of his wife, when he staged a shootout on the highway to have her killed.

Not stopping there, he went on to get himself shot in both legs to avoid suspicion.

Initially, even the police thought they had a case of a highway shootout on their hands. There were shots fired on the Meerut-Parikshitgarh road and a woman was killed.

In the exchange, her husband had bullets crashing through both his legs. In a bizarre turnaround, it was only later that cops realised that the man, desperate to get rid of his wife as he was in love with another woman, had stage-managed the whole bloody game.

The woman died on the spot while Singh was admitted to Anand Hospital. According to Investigative officer and 80 of Parikshitgarh police station, Shyam Vir Singh, "We sensed something was amiss when the only survivor of the attack, Singh, gave conflicting statements about the shootout. During investigations at the native villages of the husband and wife, it came to light that the woman was 28-year old while Singh was only 22 at the time of wedding two years ago. Bijendra is currently pursuing MBA from a local institute. Another thing that got revealed was that Singh was having numerous affairs but still the woman was madly in love with her."

During investigations another thing that police got to know from locals was that a grey coloured Santro car was spotted near the site of crime that bore Delhi"s registration number plate. The occupants were suspicious looking youths.

Police found four grey coloured vehicles in the region out of which one had a Delhi number. All nearby police stations were alerted about the vehicle.

Shyam Vir Singh, further stated, "On Monday, we gor a tip-off that the same vehicle was moving towards Mawana. A police team intercepted the vehicle near village Poothi and three youths were detained. They possessed two country-made 0.315 bore fire arms with live and used cartridges. All the youths are studying in various local colleges and were of 19-20 age group."

As per the police sources, during questioning, it came to light that the entire game plan was organized by Bijender Singh to get rid of his wife as he had an affair with another woman.

One of the detained youths, Ashish Singh, a resident of Bhawanpur village, revealed, "Bijendra was my friend and one day he told me that he wanted to kill his wife as he loved another woman. He sought our help in the matter and even promised to give us Rs 50,000 in return for the favour. I and my friend Ajay Kumar who was also there in the conversation agreed to help him. Later, Bijendra also provided us with two country-made weapons and eight live cartridges along with Rs 5000 advance. The Santro car used in the crime was provided by Nitin Kumar, a resident of Amarpur Village, as it had a Delhi number."

He further stated, "On Thursday, Bijendra rang me up and told me that he would be leaving his village along with his wife. We saw his car and began following it. Just before Bahadurpur village, Bijendra stopped the vehicle near a field and came out of it." 

As per police sources, it was Ashish Singh who pumped two bullets into Rajni Singh and later at the behest of Bijendra Singh, Ajay and Ashish both shot at Bijendra in the legs. Bijendra, Ashish, Ajay and Nitin have been taken into custody


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