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Seven Years After He Was Declared Dead, Indian Soldier 'Returns' Alive. Here Is His Unbelievable Story

Seven Years After He Was Declared Dead, Indian Soldier 'Returns' Alive. Here Is His Unbelievable Story

 A soldier meets with an accident seven years ago, loses his memory and wanders around Haridwar as the Army declares him dead. And then the unthinkable happens. He meets with another accident and regains his memory. But there's more.

But for the family, somewhere deep within they believed Singh will come back one day. And it paid off. 

Retired subedar Kailash Yadav was preparing to deal with a 'drunkard' knocking on his door late at night last week when to his utter surprise, he saw his "dead" son Dharamveer Singh standing before him. The startled welcome gave way to a teary reunion as Dharamveer recounted his journey to Alwar to his wife, two daughters and brother.

While the family was overjoyed, Dharamveer had an unbelievable-fairytale story about how he disappeared.
The accident
Dharamveer and three of his colleagues from the 66 Armoured Regiment in Dehradun, went missing after the army vehicle driven by him met with an accident after hitting a divider. Not a single body was recovered and other jawans reported back to their units later. Three years after the incident, the army declared him dead. 
While Singh is still unclear about exactly what happened to him, all he recalls is that he lost his memory due to the accident and begging on the streets of Dehradun, Roorkee and Haridwar.
Second accident
Then something miraculous happened. Last week he was hit by a bike. While in hospital Singh regained his memory. 
"The biker who hit me gave me Rs 500. I took the money and bought a ticket for Delhi. After that I reached my village in Bhiteda, near Alwar. I am in shock. It felt so good to see all of them. I could hardly recognise my daughters. They have become so big," Singh said.

His wife Manoj Devi who kept a fast for Singh's safety all these years said she knew that her husband will come back. "Somewhere deep down in my heart, I knew I would see him again."

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