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Al Qaeda to Target IPS, IAS officers : with Indian Muslims

Al Qaeda to Target IPS, IAS officers : with Indian Muslims

 Chief of Al Qaeda Maulana Asim Umar asked Indian Muslims to start jihad by killing IPS and IAS officers. Also Sanaul Haq, was declared chief of al Qaeda’s offshoot for the Indian Subcontinent in a video released by group head Ayman al-Zawahiri in September 2014, in his statement said that the state and its departments were equally responsible for the incidents against Muslims in India.

 According to counter-terror officials, Umar said that Indian Muslims should follow the example of their brethren in Syria, adding that they should look at the example of Europe where one single Mujahid after another has disturbed the entire continent. “Kill senior officers of institutions and administrative departments that get (people to) start these riots. Target IPS and IAS officers, cause them financial losses,” said the statement.

“Otherwise how could anyone dare to just take knives and cut Muslims like vegetables.... We say if the Indian state is not involved in the massacre of Muslims, then Muslim youth should also be given free hand, as given to Hindu mobsters during riots,” said the statement put out by SITE Intelligence Group.


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