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 According to German media report in Friday, three jihadists names were presented by the trove of leaked Islamic states who carried out assault on the bataclan theater during November's terror attack in Paris

Public broadcaster NDR and WDR and Munich daily sueddeutsche zeitung said that among Thousands of IS registration papers were those of Samy Amimour, Foued Mohamed Aggad, Omar Ismail Mostefai

During a concert by Rock Band Eagles, the three men killed 90 people and injured several others using guns and suicide vests 

The attacks were the deadliest on France since world war 2

A lot of data on several thousand IS members have been obtained from a total of 22000 documents as said by German research team

The data contains name, address, phone number, family contacts, blood type, mother's maiden name, "level of sharia understanding" and previous experience of jihadists

German media team added about the fighters which were listed in the collection of documents came from.across Europe and from United States, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, Trinidal and Tobago

Germany's federal police said it had acquired to the same type of documents and they are also considered highly authoritative. Although some experts have urged alertness and vigilance

On Friday French interior minister Bernard Car neue emphasised the need to be very careful about the documents

He said in Washington"we are extremely interverted in information which would allow us to....neutralise terrorists but such information has to be authenticated

According to German reports indirect reference were made by made by some papers to the organizer of Paris killing Abdelhamid Abaaoud who assembled and engaged old friends and other small time offenders and delinquent to help him carry out the attacks

Omar Ismail Mostefai ,29 years ,was one of the three men who blew themselves up at the Eagels of death metal concert.

Homegrown suicide bomber were identified after his finger was found among the Bataclan concert hall carnage 

Another Bataclan suicide bomber was Samy Amimour ,28 years old former bus driver from Paris suburb of Drancy along with the third member Foued Mohammed Aggad, 23 years old from Strasbourg.

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