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Virat Kohli reveals his fitness regime

Virat Kohli reveals his fitness regime

 Well, we all know that Virat Kohli has garnered a number of fans in the least amount of time. He is stylish, charming, aggressive and has an excellent presence in the field. The most awesome factor of his personality is his fit body that allows him to show some real moves on the field. He also has an ample amount of stamina that helps him to stay on crease for an entire day without breaking a sweat.

If you are a fitness freak who would like to have a body, stamina and fitness level like Virat Kohli then you have come to the right place. 

In an interview with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) mascot 'Mr Nags' on the team's official YouTube channel, the team leader revealed his daily work-out regime to contain at least 100 squads among various other rigours.
The run-machine added that his focus was only on lower-body, which he credited for his 'explosive power'. Kohli is known for incredible running between the wickets, aside from his exquisite collection of shots, an insatiable appetite for runs and an aggressive brand of captaincy.

Kohli credited RCB trainer Shankar Basu, who is also the Strength and Conditioning coach of the Indian team, for introducing him to weight-lifting.

The leading run-scorer in Twenty20s this year also praised team-mate and South African batting superstar AB de Villiers, whom he described "as the best".

"Fitness regime is pretty simple. There is a big role of our trainer, Mr Basu, who also trains the RCB team, and is the Indian team trainer," Kohli said in the interview.

"He introduced me to weight-lifting, and that has made me realise what actually one needs to do. It's a thing that one needs to get a knowledge of.

"I don't do upper body. I only work on my legs for explosive power. He [Basu] makes me do a crazy number of squats, close to a 100 in a session," added Kohli.


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