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Agra – Lucknow Expressway

Agra – Lucknow Expressway
The Agra-Lucknow Expressway is a Greenfield Access Controlled Expressway project. It is a 302 Kilometre long project with six lanes. However, the Expressway is expandable to eight lanes with necessary structures for the expansion already in place.
The expressway starts at the inner ring road in Agra and ends at State Highway 40 in Lucknow, passing through Firozabad, Mainpuri, Etawah, Auraiya, Kannauj, Kanpur Nagar, Hardoi, and Unnao districts along the way. One can now travel from Lucknow to Agra in 3 hours and in another 2 .5 hours one can reach New Delhi via the Yamuna Expressway.
Wayside amenities have been provided on both carriageways. In the direction from Lucknow to Agra, these amenities are located at a distance of 75 km and 198 km from Lucknow. On the return journey, the wayside amenities are available at 101 km and 28 km from Agra. Essential facilities such as large parking areas, public toilets, food court, dhaba, motel and dormitories for rest, and fuel stations are available at each of these Wayside Amenities.
A lot has been done for the safety and security of traffic. This includes-
An Advance Traffic Management System
50 CCTV cameras and 10 Speed and Number Plate Detection Radar cameras have been strategically placed along the length of the Expressway. These use the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (APNR) to check speeding. E-challans are issued depending on the average speed of vehicles between the toll plazas at Agra and Lucknow.
Stray animals are caught and removed to prevent accidents
For patrolling and assistance to accident victims, UPEIDA has provided –
152 Emergency call boxes at every 4 km on either carriageway
9 ambulances of which 4 belong to UPEIDA and 5 belong to the toll collection agency
25 Patrolling Vehicles and 205 personnel patrol the length of the Expressway on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. 15 of these vehicles and 125 personnel are part of the UPEIDA team.
The UP Police Department also deploys 27 Dial 112 Vans on this Expressway
A modern control room with sate of the art facilities including a Video Monitoring and Incident Detection System and a GPS based ambulance service helps in achieving a response time of 4 to 11 minutes for emergency services.
The safety, security, and patrolling arrangements have reduced the incidence of accidents on the Expressway. The maintenance of the carriageways and reduction in travel time help to save on fuel and reduce the carbon footprint of the commuters. 
Other outstanding features of the expressway include
Ability of fighter aircraft to land and take off from the Expressway
All illumination by solar energy
Rainwater harvesting facilities and green belt on either side of the Expressway

The construction cost of the project was Rs. 11,527 crores (excluding the cost for acquiring the land). The project was completed in about 24 months instead of the expected period of 36 months and was inaugurated on 21 November 2016. 

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