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Bundelkhand Expressway

Bundelkhand Expressway
The Bundelkhand Expressway was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India on 16 July 2022. The 296 km, 4 lane Expressway has been constructed along the lines of the Agra – Lucknow expressway with similar security, patrolling and other features. The Expressway starts at Bhadrakoop in Chitrakoot District, bordering the state of Madhya Pradesh and ends at the Agra – Lucknow Expressway near Kudrail Village. Along the way, the Expressway traverses 8 rivers - Bagen, Ken, Shyama, Chandawal, Birma, Yamuna, Betwa, and Sengar. 
The Expressway has a right-of-way of 110 metres. Other than the security, patrolling and other features, on the 296 km stretch of this Expressways there are numerous bridges and like structures - 4 railway over bridges (ROBs), 14 large bridges, 6 toll plazas, 7 ramp plazas, 266 small bridges, and 18 flyovers to be precise. This Greenfield project was constructed under the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Model (EPC), in six packages, with an estimated construction cost of Rs. 14,850 crores. 
Some of the most backward districts of the State are connected to the State Capital and the National Capital through this Expressway, raising hopes of progress and omni-directional development amongst all stakeholders.
The project area can be economically and socially improved, with increase in agriculture, trade, tourist, and industrial income.
An industrial corridor is planned to connect manufacturing units, development centres, and agricultural productive areas around expressway with the national capital, and other larger and more developed market centres. Travel time between New Delhi and Chitrakoot would now be 6 hours instead of 10
Industrial Training Institutes, Teaching and Training Institutes, and Medical Institutes, among others can be constructed along the Expressway.
The local Handloom industry, food processing facilities, storages, markets, and milk-based enterprises will benefit from this Expressway.

At the inauguration of the Expressway, CM Yogi Adityanath said, "This (Bundelkhand Expressway) will add a new dimension to the economy of Bundelkhand and that of Uttar Pradesh. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which the world faced for around 18 months, the 296-kilometre-long Bundelkhand Expressway was built within 28 months." The chief minister described the day as "historic" for the region and termed the expressway as the "axis of development of Bundelkhand". 

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