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Zostel Expands to Meghalaya

Zostel Expands to Meghalaya

 With its breathtaking landscapes and rich heritage, the Northeastern region of India has become a haven for adventurous souls seeking extraordinary experiences. According to a report by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the region welcomed over 11.8 million domestic and 104,000 foreign tourists in 2022 alone. Recognizing the rising demand for backpacker hostels in the Northeast, Zostel, the world's largest chain of experiential travel hostels, has opened its first backpacker hostel in Shillong.


Zostel's arrival in Meghalaya breathes new life into the state's tourism, offering travelers a chance to fully immerse themselves in the essence of this remarkable destination. Beyond providing cozy accommodations, the brand is passionate about showcasing local culture and uncovering hidden gems within Meghalaya's embrace.


The objective is to allow travelers to truly connect with the region's cultural milieu. Activities like music and skateboarding are not mere pastimes here; they are integral parts of daily life. Music holds a significant place in the social fabric of Meghalaya. Known as the "Rock Capital of India," the state harmoniously blends traditional Khasi folk tunes with electrifying contemporary rock beats.


Deep Banka, Chief Operating Officer of Zostel, expressed pride in announcing the first backpacker's hostel in Meghalaya, stating that it will serve as a gateway for travelers to delve deeper into the essence of the state. Zostel aims to create immersive experiences that allow travelers to engage with local culture and traditions, enabling them to truly savor the essence of Meghalaya's wonders.


Zostel's expansion into Meghalaya aligns with its mission to unlock new horizons and enhance the travel experiences of the global backpacking community. Following the successful launch of its flagship hostel in Gangtok in 2020, Zostel is poised to unveil more breathtaking destinations, satisfying the wanderlust of avid travelers.




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