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Tripura's Ujjayanta Palace Transforms into Weekend Tourism Hub

Tripura Government Develops Vibrant Weekend Tourism Hub at Ujjayanta Palace

Tripura's Ujjayanta Palace Transforms into Weekend Tourism Hub

 The Tripura government has recently unveiled plans to develop a captivating "weekend tourist" hub centered around Ujjayanta Palace, according to an official statement. Constructed in 1862 by Prince Chandra Manikya, the palace has housed the state museum since 2013 and stands as a prime attraction for tourists visiting the region.


The front side of the historic palace has been designated as the "weekend tourist hub" exclusively for Saturdays and Sundays, as confirmed by the official. From 4 pm to 9 pm, vehicular entry will be restricted on the road adjacent to the palace. To enhance the surroundings, a beautification initiative has already been initiated, with food stalls lining the roads leading to the palace. Additionally, dedicated stalls will offer traditional items and flowers, while a boating facility will be available on the palace's lake.


Furthermore, cultural programs will be organized in the area during weekends, showcasing captivating songs and traditional dances to entertain visitors. The interior of Ujjayanta Palace will undergo renovations for an enhanced light and sound system, while the entire palace premises will be beautifully illuminated, creating a mesmerizing ambiance, the official stated.


In addition to the revitalization of Ujjayanta Palace, the state museum, which showcases Tripura's rich cultural heritage, will be opened to the public. The government has also prioritized promoting other significant tourist destinations in the state, including Unakoti in the North district, Tripureswari temple in the Gomati district, Neermahal in the Sepahijala district, and Dumbur in the Dhalai district. These measures aim to boost tourism and showcase Tripura's diverse attractions to visitors from far and wide.

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